Saturday, January 14, 2006

☆A Happy New Year 2006★

Hi^v^ How was your winter vacation?? I spent busy time during the winter vacation, because i had a big event, moving. It means I moved to Mino city from Hirakata city. All members of my family also moved to Mino from Nagoya, my home town. I moved there on December, 24, Christmas Eve. So, I did not spend romantic Christmas day but busy Christmas day.^^; Mino is very far from Hirakata, so it takes for an hour and a half hour to go to Hirakata from Mino. When I had lived in Hirakata, it had taken for only 5 minutes by bike to go to Kansaigaidai. Therefore, it is very tough to go to Hirakata. However, I had visited there during winter vacation, because I worked at Hirakata. I worked part time job most of the winter vacation. In short, my memories of the winter vacation are just moving and part time job.^^;
My new house is large and has enough space for my family. I had not lived with my family for about two years, so at first I felt strange. However, at the same time, I felt happy, because I can talk with someone at home and eat meals with family members. 
Any way, how was your coming-of-age day?? Prehaps, most of women in this class wore Furisode. However, I did not, because I went to Nagoya on the day to see my friends. I did not attend the seremony, but I could see friends and took a lot of picture with them. All women who wore Furisode were very beautiful, so I envied them. I wanted to wear Furisode on the day. However, I will take picture during spring vacation.^^♪♪ I look forward to wearing Furisode. Though I could not wear Furisode, I really enjoyed the day.
★I love my home town and friends.★

Saturday, November 26, 2005

My room is cold>_<

Recently, it becomes colder and colder. Many classmates catch cold. Are you all right?? Other classmates also had better take care of yourself.
It is very cold outside, so of course it is also cold in my room. However, there is only one heater. This is my only heater.→
It is an infrared heater and called "halogen heater." It is very small, so it is not enough to make warm all my room. I have air conditioner, but I do not want to turn it on if possible. Because it costs a lot of many. Moreover, my air conditioner is so old that the wind smells bad and it is noisy. Therefore, I will endure the coldness with only halogen heater.^^; Though my room is too cold, I do not catch cold. WHY????? I am too healty.☆★

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fish Party∋ω∈

We had Fish party on friday. Maybe, you are thinking what fish party is, aren't you?! It is we mainly eat fish as a dinner. We live by ourselves, so we can rarely eat felsh fish.
We bought very flesh fishes at a market mear Hirakata station. We bought Ankou, Hage, Kanpachi and squid. Kanpachi was for sashimi, squid was boiled and fried with its bowel, and Ankou and Hage were for Nabe. In Nabe, many kinds of vegetables and tofu are boiled in big pot, and it is very popular in winter with Japanese. We put Ankou and Hage's livers into Nabe. It was first time for me to eat livers. I had thought liver smells very bad, but this idea was wrong. I realized they are very creamy and rich taste.-ω- I do not know how many times I said "oh~, yummy." during the party. I was very satisfied with the fishes.
I felt the happiness of being Japanese, because I think it is only Japanese that can eat such nice fishes. Also, many Japanese regard meals as important part in a day, so there are so many menu in japanese food. If I had not born as a Japanese, I would have been unable to enjoy dinner. I love japanese food and am proud of culture of japanese food.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

#Shool Festival#

As you know, GAIDAI festival was held last week. It was for 4 days, and there are many events. I really enjoyed the festival.^^ However, I spent most of the time at my circle's shop. We sold Spanish doughnut. We made them experomentally three times before the festival and improved them. Also in last year, we sold them and it was first time our circle took part in the festival as one of the shops. Last year, the kinds of doughnut were three, but we added one more kinds in this year. They were chocolate, grreen tea, cinnamon and maple, and maple was the most popular. We sold them 100 yen for two. Our goal of sale was two hundred thousand yen. We thought this goal was too high to ahieve, but finally our sale was over the goal. It was twenty-four hundred thousand!!!!! We were very excited and glad at the result. After the festival, we all could drunk free.♪♪♪♪♪
I was afraid how many people would take part in the shop. If few people had participated in it, our shop would have not achieved the goal. We could ahieve the gaol thoruogh cooperation of many people. It was the most important all members made great efforts to sell doughnuts. Actually, I was very tired for four days, because I had to go to school before 9 a.m, and it was very tough and exhausted me to make paste of the doughnuts. However, the feeling of achievement was more than the fatigue. I learned the importance of cooperation through the festival. I really appreciate the participation of many members. I hope junior will also open the shop of Spanish doughnut in the next festival.^^

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


☆My pretty pretty cat and dog★

Hi^^ How are you?? Don't you catch a cold?? Take care about yourself^^
Today, I will introduce my cat,MOMIZI, and my dog,CHIKO. First, i have to tell you they are soooooooo Cute!!!!! My friends often ask me if the dog and the cat fight each other. Yes, they often fight each other. Every fighting time, Chiko approach Momizi to play with, but Momizi do not want to, so she gets angry and punch Chiko. Finally, Chiko always loses the fighting though she is bigger than Momizi.^^;
There is one more funny srtory about Momizi. She HATE cleaner very much!! When I begin to use it, she rans away soon. Moreover, when i put it to her, she browbeat it.
Like this→(`Д´)/
I often enjoy seeing that.^^  When i go back to my hometown, I sometimes sleep with Momizi. She is very warm, so she is good item to keep my body warm in winter.
I like them very much, and I think they are the prretiest cat and dog all over the world☆★ Am i doting master??^^

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I Love my hometown!!!

As you know, my hometown is Aichi prefecture. I had lived there for 5 years. It was not so long, but i have a lot of memories in Aichi. The biggest one is the memory of my high school life. I went to TOHO high shool which is famous for baseball, soccer and some other club activities. The level of school is not high, and the school building is very old, and there is not cafeteria, thogh the school is priate school.^^; However, the students are very very powerful and really enjoy the school life. Especially, we canalized our energies into the school festival. It was the biggest event in a year for us. Only the students in third grade can sell food. We sold "Otya-zuke." It is rare for school festival, isn't it?!^^ We succeeded the festival very much.
Thus, I have presious memories in my home town, and I always loocked forward to going back there in vacations. However, Aichi will not be my hometown about 2 months later, because my familly will move to Osaka because of my father's job. Also, my life of living by myself will be end 2 months later. On December 24th, the day of X'mas eve, I am going to move to my family's house in Mino city.
I am sad I loose my home in my home town. However, I will visit there often to see my friends, even if there is not my home!!
[ My friends in high school]

Friday, October 14, 2005


The left picture is TOYOTA pavilion. The pavilion was the most popular. ( we could not see it.^^;)

The right one is Morizo and Kikkoro, the image character of Aichi Expo.^^ Do you know??

♪Aichi Expo♪

My home town is Aichi prefecture. What do you know was held in Aichi this summer??
It was Aichi Expo!!!!! Moreover, it was held near my home in Nagakute-cho. Nagakute-cho changed widely for Aichi Expo, for example the linear motor train ran from the staition of subway to the meeting place, and the fields changed into many car parkings. When I went back to home, I was surprised the big changing.
In this summer, of cource, I visited Aichi Expo. I went there with not only my family but also grand father and mother, and my uncle's family. We were 10 members. It was first time for us to travel wiht all members. In the Expo, there were too much people!!!!! It took very long time to just enter there. When we could enter, there were already long long lines for popular company pavilions. We had to wait for more than 4 hours to see the pavilions, so we gave up to see them. We saw only country pavilions, for example Yemen, India, Canada and so on..... We could see culture and tradition of the countries. Oh!!! We could see a very precious thing!!!!! It was the fossil of mammoth!!!!!! When I saw it, I felt very long history of the earth and I was moved.
After we enjoyed there, we took big bath together and ate rich dinner.^^ We talked a lot together and spent precious time with all of family members.